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Did you know there are no rules in place that mandate the testing of dietary supplements for things like salmonella, heavy metals, mold, contents, ingredient measurements, etc? Sure, these types of tests are recommended by the FDA, but they are not mandatory tests. Scary to think about, right?

What's even worse to think about is that the majority of the companies on the market today forgo these tests because of one reason. Can you guess what that is? You guessed it, cost! These tests are not cheap and why bother to get something that most customers don't know exist

Well, if you're one of the people that care about the quality of supplements you put into your body and you want to make sure you use a company that cares about that as well, you've come to the right place

We here at Lezuna are dedicated to making sure we produce the highest quality supplements while giving you the best possible customer experience. What does this mean? This means we are dedicated to only sourcing the highest quality ingredients for our supplements. This means that after our supplements are produced, we have them tested by an independent laboratory for all of the things we mentioned earlier. This means that if you ever have an issue, you can call or email us any time and we'll respond to you within 24 hours. However, most of the it will be within 12 hours...but we're only human so sometimes it might take a bit longer :) 

At the end of the day we realize you have many choices when it comes to places to buy your supplements, serums & vitamins from but the important thing to remember is you're buying these things for your health. You want to be sure you're putting something into your body your confident has been thoroughly tested and made sure to actually be healthy for you. That's why we're here. Lezuna is here to give you peace of mind so you know you not only get what you pay for but you're getting it from a company that stands behind their products. 

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